Do you know for a fact that your facility’s battery backup system is working? Unless you perform regular testing and maintenance, your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) may already be dead. Facilities install UPS systems to prevent costly downtime and its effects from damaging their business—but without regular testing and maintenance, the backup system may fail when it’s needed most.



Along with maximizing equipment life, the main goal of any preventative maintenance program is maximizing the uptime based on organizational needs.

So, like all other components in your data facilities, your UPS’ batteries, should be tested for fitness.

Regular battery testing alerts users when corrective action needs to be taken. Also, battery manufacturers require, at a minimum, initial testing of batteries after installation to ensure they were installed properly AND an annual inspection to maintain warranty claims.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Smart Telecom performs battery testing and provides results to our customers to determine the health of their batteries. As engineers we work with customers as consultants, not just as installers or sales people. We’ll bring all possible solutions up for review – even if it means we do not earn your business right now. Customers can always count on Smart Telecom to always do what’s in their best interest.