Smart Telecom Tower Services provides tower installation and maintenance services for all major wireless carriers, broadband service providers, tower owners, and equipment manufacturers. With extensive experience in telecommunications infrastructure and equipment deployment, Smart Telecom delivers superior tower and antenna installation, and provides quality maintenance and inspection services to ensure optimum system performance.






The Smart Telecom Tower Services team effectively manages all facets of the tower construction and antenna installation process from initial site planning to final system turn-up, as well as in-house structural modification crews. Our proven project management processes deliver results that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality and cost effectiveness, and make certain that all critical project deadlines are met. The Smart Telecom ComTrain Certified tower professionals can handle the most complex installations, and our complete turnkey services streamline the project and keep it on track.

Smart Telecom offers scheduled and emergency inspection and comprehensive maintenance services throughout the United States; from structural assessments to sweep testing to complete system performance upgrades. Smart Telecom provides detailed reports and action plans to resolve any issues and to ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations and requirements.

  • Road Construction

  • Tower Erection

Self-supporting, monopoles, guyed and structural retrofit projects

  • Antenna System Installation

Specialized Antenna Mount Fabrication; Waveguide Bridge & Ladder Installation; Antenna Verification & Coax Sweep Testing; Azimuth & Down-tilts

  • System Performance Upgrades

Reconfigurations; Line Sweep and PIM testing; OTDR and CPRI testing; Sectorizations

  • Tower Foundation

  • Project Management

Project planning and integration; Scheduling and progress reporting; Quality assurance; Risk identification and mitigation; Cost control reporting; Safety compliance

  • Interior Buildout

Interior Grounding; Cable Ladder Installation; Equipment Rack Fabrication & Installation; Battery Installation; Radio Setup Including Load and Combiner Tuning

  • Tower Inspections and Facility Evaluations

Tower Lighting Systems; Standard incandescent, Medium/High Intensity Strobe and LED

  • Strategically Located Warehouses

Extensive parts and equipment inventories; Rapid deployment of needed materials


With the densification of carrier networks, SMART TELECOM is ready to provide turnkey Small Cell design and implementation services. Starting with the initial needs assessment with the network quality team, through the design and permitting stages, to the installation, optimization, and operational support of the systems.

  • Review of RF Requirements

  • Permitting / Regulatory

  • Fiber OSP Design, Make-ready, and Construction

  • RF Design

  • Fiber Network Implementation and Coordination

  • Construction Integration and Optimization

  • Structural Design

  • Stealth Solutions

  • Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Head End & Hub Infrastructure and Power Design & Deployment

Smart Telecoms’ in-house structural modification teams service our carrier and tower company customers across our footprint. Our certified welder teams are experienced in all manner of tower structural modifications and are approved for special customer programs like monopole welding, guy tower services, and self support modifications.

From bolt on modifications, to foundation augmentations, through the most complex welding projects, Smart Telecom will complete your projects meeting all required third party inspection requirements.

  • Monopole welding, bolt-on mods, extensions, and port cutting

  • Self support welding, bolt-on mods, extensions, and half-pipe additions

  • Foundation repairs, augments, anchor adds and relocations

  • Guy tower plumb, tension, guy wire replacement and upgrades, welding, bolt-on, and anchor upgrades